We are a fast growing company catered for the working class for the city of Navi Mumbai. The prime objective of the company is to provide quality housing at an affordable price and increase the level of living to a different league.

Our team have wide range of experience and knowledge in catering to the real estate market and its needs. We are instrumental in bringing shape to our dreams of making homes for the working class people.


Aura Interiors

Your home is a very personal space; an expression of style, personality and lifestyle. A trained interior designer will balance skilled objectivity with your individual needs, delivering a beautiful and functional home. When there is rapport and understanding between you and your designer the process is exciting and the results exceptional. Please contact Aura Interiors to arrange a convenient time for you to view the consultancy’s impressive residential design portfolio.

Introduction of Aura Interiors as contractors of Artistic landscape Features and Tropical Fish Aquariums and ponds.
Artistic features for landscape that can change the face of any landscape project, with its nature’s resemblance properties. Using R.C.C. structures and treating them with colour oxide pigments Aura Interiors gives you texture that resemblance Tree bark, Bamboo, Rocks, Boulders, Mushrooms, Seashells and others

The features that are executable by Aura Interiors are as follows:

  • Gazebos
• Summer house
• Hunting hut
• Sitting benches
• Waterfalls
• Fountains
• Lily pools
• Bridges
• Dens
• Tunnels
• Boundary fences
• Railings
• Artificial jungle tree
• Amusement play park
• Sea-Saw
• Merry go round
• These structures are maintenance free and can withstand any climatic conditions due to their natural features they blend with any kind of landscape concept and do not create any kind of artificial look for the project

These features are used for commercial and residential projects
• Commercial Projects: Hotels, Resorts, Garden restaurants, Shopping Malls, Building elevations etc.
• Residential Projects: Bungalows, Terrace gardens, Lawns, Farm Houses, Stables, etc.

Aura interiors provide designer all glass tanks setups Aura Interiors also under take all kind of tropical aquarium setup and fresh water pond setups with the latest technologic available in the current market
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Address : AURA APARTMENT, 102, House 573, next to Plot 205, Kopra village, Sector 10, Kharghar Navi Mumbai 410210

Cell : +91 9022066670, Tel : +91 22-64566671


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